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No New Posts The Celestial Fortress

The official place of worship of Abronaxus, the god of peace and harmony. This is where all pure blooded dovaa come to learn of the different clans as well as finding themselves through their studies. As they grow, they come here, where Marcus Ysaride lives as well, to give him their collected souls and show off their true worth to the Plane.

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No New Posts Astral City

Astral City is the 'capital' of the Celestial Plane and is home to many merchants and sellers of all kinds. Looking for a gift for a friend? This is the first place most, if not all, dovaa look. There are many streets of gold and silver lining. Most people are kind, though of course there are those who are a bit more rude than most like, just like the culture in any civilization. Astral City is the most beautiful capital of all Magesc, but it is not traveled by many for anyone not of the dovaa race is not allowed in the plane. Anything you would expect to find in any major city can be found here.

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No New Posts The Coliseum

This is where many dovaa fight for their pride, honor, and status. There's an annual Tournament to see who will become the next leader of the Celestial Guard. The Celestial Guard is the task force in charge of keeping the Plane a safe environment for all dovaa. Marcus is the leader, but the Celestial Guard Captain is his right hand man (or woman).

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No New Posts Dawnkeeper Hostel

The Dawnkeeper Hostel, located on the Celestial Plane's coastline, near the portal to the lower worlds, is a popular rendezvous point for traveling family members and — more famously — long-separated, or soon-to-separate lovers, and is nicknamed 'the drop off' for that very reason. It has a few bawdier terms associated with it, and thanks to its long existence, several generations of dovaa have had a few children dubbed 'dawnkeeper babies' or 'drop off deliveries' thanks to the origins of their conception. Reputation aside, it is a quaint hostel with several scenic rooms and a picturesque view to set the mood.

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No New Posts Liraelle's Wish

Liraelle was the fatally ill daughter of a prominent politician in Marcus Ysaride's court. Her happiest moments always came from the beauty of the natural world and she wished, one day, to become a famous ysali gardener. Though she never lived long enough to take on a clan of her own, during her time alive, her parents hired seven of the greatest gardeners and landscapers from a mix of the ysali, peisio, and gaili clans to build the greatest garden on all of the Celestial Plane. All through it, massive, enchanted fountains are scattered amidst the greenery and floral formations, spelled so that the water never stops running. Miniature streams flow beneath floral arches, and white-stoned walkways are sidelined by ever-blooming flowers. After their daughter's passing, the family opened the garden up to the public in honor of her memory and her passion, and it is to this day the largest and most intricate of the Plane's gardens, and a favorite getaway for those looking to relax, surrounded by their land's natural beauty.

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No New Posts Calleth's Cove

Also located along the Celestial Plane's coastline, Calleth's Cove is a small nook of sheltered water and easily-climeable rocks. An inviting place for young dovaa children to swim and explore, and the source of many pioneering adventures for those whose parents permit them out that far. The waters are still, clear, and perpetually tepid year-round, making it a relatively safe and promising place for hours of fun.

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No New Posts The Whispering Pond

Located an hour's ride north of Astral City proper, the colloquially-named 'whispering pond' is nestled at the edge between Dannon's Thicket and the fields of Aloradhan. Though some profess it to be a place steeped in old magic - a communing point with the planes of the gods - for the most part, it is a simple, if beautiful, watering hole frequented often by young dovaa and their parents, or shy lovers looking for a gathering place. It has no known magical properties despite the fact that some insist it is the best place to travel for prayer to commune with their god.

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No New Posts The Fields of Aloradhan

The fields of Aloradhan surround Astral City on every side. They are home to farmers and rural entrepreneurs who prefer the quiet life over the bustle of the city and stretch for many miles in most directions, though they are thickest around Astral City's southern edge. Green, lively, and prosperous, they provide rich soil for those willing to till it, and great open fields of rolling hills and smooth expanses scattered with only a few stray trees for those children who would prefer simply to run amidst the long grasses.

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No New Posts Dannon's Thicket

Dannon's thicket is the densest part of forest on the Celestial Plane, though still not thick enough to block the light of day from shimmering down through the trees. It lies directly north of Astral City and covers a broad expanse of land, home to a few scattered residents who make their way mostly living off the land with the occasional trip down into the city proper. It is lush, made up of many wild fruit-bearing trees amongst the rest, and provides homes for a good number of prey animals in addition to the dovaa who travel it.

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The Celestial Plane is a utopia created by Abronaxus and tailored to the needs of his creations: the dovaa. Entirely separate from the rest of Magesc, it exists on a dimension all its own which extends only as far as Abronaxus designed it and is connected to the outside universe only by the portal therein which leads to the celestial vortex. As a 'perfect' world, it has no seasons, no storms, no sun, moon, or stars - only one eternal spring, and a magical shifting of day into night on the same clock as the lower world.
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