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Find the latest information Magesc has to offer here. This will take you to our News & Updates page on the main website for ease of use.

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All information players could ever require for the world of Magesc can be found here.

Sub-boards: Map of Magesc, The Guides

13 75 Magical Tomes
by World of Magesc
Jan 25, 2020 21:16:17 GMT -8
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Here you can register your characters for profiles as well as help grow and build Magesc!

Sub-boards: Character Registration, Magesc Registration

2 2 World Building
by World of Magesc
Aug 10, 2019 7:20:07 GMT -8
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Any events that are hosted here on the forum will be posted here. This is also a good place to check for free dragon tears.

6 21 World of Magesc's Winter Wonderland Event
by Leto
Jan 16, 2021 11:01:25 GMT -8

Weaving New Schemes

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No New Posts Role Play Discussion

Discuss the role play and plot with friends in this forum.

Sub-board: The Gypsy Caravans

4 18 The Main Caravan
by World of Magesc
Aug 20, 2019 0:21:16 GMT -8
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Here, you can go ahead and create a character you plan to purchase as a custom or use as an unofficial character. We can give you feedback on your quests as well. If creating an unofficial character, once approved, they will be moved to the "Unofficial Characters" board.

Sub-board: Unofficial Characters

4 5 [Asarei] Ashmedai
by bearsetc
Dec 1, 2020 14:57:34 GMT -8

Mysteries of Magesc

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No New Posts Adventures

Come here to participate in the many RP (CYOP) Adventures Magesc has to offer. There are also many adventures one can do to obtain free items.

3 41 Ciel (Solo) - Herb Hunting
by bearsetc
Nov 16, 2020 20:52:15 GMT -8
No New Posts Den of Dragons

Here you can find many dragons to fight! This is an OOC experience where players can come and earn free dragon tears.

171 3,616 Aedaun Dragon Encounter [ENDS 1/30/21]
by smerdle
Jan 31, 2021 7:05:16 GMT -8
No New Posts The Lair - 1 Viewing

Here you can find many random creatures to fight! This is an OOC experience where players can come and earn free items which can be sold to the Main Caravan or used in professions.

171 1,740 Mara King Encounter [ENDS 1/30/21]
by bearsetc
Jan 25, 2021 21:09:45 GMT -8

The World of Magesc

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The Celestial Vortex was created by thousands of peisio dragons and Abronaxus himself in order to protect the dovaa. It is the link between Magesc and the Celestial Plane. At the time of its creation, outsiders had to physically swim down the spiraling maelstrom to visit the other realm. Since then, powerful dovaa spellcasters have channeled off a portion of the maelstrom’s magic and concentrated it into a single, massive portal, around which a substantial loading dock was constructed, accessible by ferry. Non-dovaa travelers, however, are greeted warily and not allowed to enter without special permission. The vortex itself remains to this day to be a beautiful combination of greens, golds, blues, and even violets and has been known to draw in travelers who don't know of its origin. It irradiates a certain blue glowing light out from its middle that can be seen for miles, and is normally the distinguishing point for most travelers trying to find it.

Sub-board: The Celestial Plane

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Serenia is home to all asarei and was named after Seren, the Goddess of Light. The tree's leaves are gold and their trunks, a deep, dark brown with many of them covering the world. The shrubs are gold and their grass is a light, pale green. Everything there is bright and full of life. The major city upon the continent is known as Ashen City, where the asarei are able to live and prosper. There are two lakes, one to the North and one to the South. The Northern lake is infused with mystical healing properties, and many people come to bathe in it's glory when sick or injured. To the East are the Kawyn Ruins, a beautiful sight to behold, but not many are brave enough to venture down into it's depths. The ruins themselves were a place of magical and scientific study where the khehora were initially created. Now the ruins are a revered place of holy worship for not only Seren, but for the companions known as the khehora as well.

Sub-boards: Ashen City, Valley of Andrah, Forests of Aurinead, Kawyn Ruins, Lake Amafel, Lake Tyluafel, The Village of Alae

1 2 Ciel (Solo RP) - The Village of Alae
by bearsetc
Nov 17, 2020 18:58:42 GMT -8
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The raguati's homeland of Soudul was named after Soudana, the Goddess of Darkness. The continent is filled with miles upon miles of dark sand, black and purple trees, large purple fauna, and dark grassy planes. To the East is the large, very fortified, place known as Obsidian City where the raguati are able to live. There is one dark blue lake on the Western half of the continent that the people call Koralifel because of it's dark, powerful presence when one is near. Only raguati can feel the lake's power. The soulless beings say that the lake is the reason they have no souls in the first place; that it sucks the souls out before they are born into this world. In the dead center of the continent is a large black pillar the raguati call, Twilight's Pillar. Many who venture forth to the pillar do not come back alive, and no one knows why. But many are warded away by that very fact.

Sub-boards: Obsidian City, Forests of Endeldarth, Lake Koralifel, Twilight's Pillar, Silver Creek Mining Camp

1 1 The Stalls
by World of Magesc
Apr 28, 2020 9:45:17 GMT -8
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The continent of Eowyn is the largest in all of Magesc. The large mountainous region throughout the center is called the Terra Expanse and is home to the gaili dragons. In the Southeastern area of Eowyn there is a large land mass that the asarei have secured for some sort of construction which they call the Maralan Project. To the North of the Terra Expanse is the Malro Desert which is the main battleground for the war between the races as well as the kiandri dragons homeland. Eowyn was never a very populated place by any people, except those who love the harsh climates of the desert or wish to build themselves a fortress in the mountains. Not only that, but the large Kaiatasel, to the south, is an active volcano and has ruptured in the past and the Firani dragons have built their homes around that. Fresh water is also very scarce on Eowyn, so the continent was never considered hospitable. However, it is the main traveling continent between the other four.

Sub-boards: Ellora, Tukyere, Taliuma, Malro Desert, Terra Expanse, The Maralan Project

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Ayr is home to the ayrala dragons. People have traveled to discover that it is a very windy place, with high chances of tornadoes, tsunamis, and other wind-induced destruction. The ayrala dragons have grown to be apart of the continent itself and have had little problems with being left alone. Their souls are hunted for their power, but going to Ayr is a very dangerous task for most any person and thus, most travel in groups. However, if you are brave enough to venture forth by yourself, be forewarned that it is a dangerous place, and multiple dragons will creep up if you aren't careful. Many rumors abound about the continent of Ayr. Some say that there is a strong being that lives within the mountainous region. Others say that they have seen the celestial dragon multiple times flying overhead while they visit. However, these are just rumors.

Sub-boards: Abban, D'jent, Taraho, The Cradle, Slopes of Yellow Dawn, Lake Irae, Everwinter Plateau, Ruins of Nordaran, The Great Rocks, The Wailing Peaks, The Crack, Taron's Pass, the Smuggler's Nook

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Aisko is known as ice country and is home to the aiskala dragons and the few who deem it a hospitable place to live. Only those adventurous enough to need an aiskala dragon soul have traveled the paths and mountainous snowy areas and visited Vonafel, the Lake of Ice, to see what it has to offer. Legend has it that Vonafel was also a healing lake before the aiskala dragons came and froze it over. It is also said that the lake itself was much more powerful than Tyluafel. Those who are extremely sick and have traveled to the other lake previously with failed attempts at recovery are told to venture forth to Aisko and break through the barrier of ice to gain the healing properties of the lake. Many rumors have come and gone about Aisko as many people have gone missing upon the continent years ago and were never found. Some say that they were just killed by the many aiskala dragons while others have their fantastical ideas of other creatures capturing them for whatever purpose they wish to fulfill. These rumors have stood strong through the ages, but none are factual enough to pose any real issues with most Magescians.

Sub-boards: Targallah, the Winter City, Vonafel, the Lake of Ice, The Weeping Mountains, The Flatlands, Alderrah's Tunnel

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Come Together

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Here, you can feel free to post your forums and other websites here for all to see! If you want to advertise, please do us the favor of placing a link to our forum and/or lore site to your forum/place.

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by World of Magesc
May 4, 2020 19:20:55 GMT -8


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