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The village Abban is a harbor and port on Ayr's western coast which, from a distance, looks like two messy stacks of toy blocks. Its buildings sit in a precarious balance, piled haphazardly atop one another in misshapen pyramids. Each of the piles — one slightly larger than the other — wait on either side of two parallel cliff faces with a yawning gorge cut between them. The great majority of Abban is a 'floating' village made up of interconnecting docks, boat houses, and buildings on stilts in the harbor water. Only the very back portion of it is grounded on the rock of the cliff and shoreline. Inhabitants range through all the races in a messy mix, and they welcome all friendly travelers.

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No New Posts D'jent

Nestled high in Ayr's southern peaks, D'jent is not for the risk averse, or those who harbor a fear of heights. Rickety string bridges lace back and forth between rocky spires, connecting multiple small adobes and larger buildings built in winding formations around the rock. Populated mostly by raguati with a scattering of dovaa, it welcomes most travelers, but greets asarei with caution. D'jent specializes in processing rare minerals and houses a good number of high quality jewelers who ship their products out to the larger continents.

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No New Posts Taraho

At the top and far eastern end of the Slopes of Yellow Dawn, deep in the heart of Ayr and resting on a narrow plateau therein, waits the quaint village of Taraho. On the one side, it overlooks the 'great drop' - the cliff cutoff on the back of the slopes upon which it is perched - and on the other, out stretch the rolling yellow plains sweeping down to the green 'cradle' at their base. Taraho is populated entirely by dovaa with a particular abundance of ysali and ayrala, who together farm the surrounding land through their clan magic, and are all but completely self-sufficient within their secluded community.

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No New Posts The Cradle

Located in a geological bowl in the middle of Ayr proper, the 'cradle' is so named for its sheltered, wind-buffered status. Towering rock formations on all sides and a subsequent dip in the landscape that is the cradle itself make this area a location of rare stillness, the mountains surrounding it serving as windbreakers and allowing a healthy nest of tender greenery to grow and thrive without damaging gusts sweeping them relentlessly. The northern end is partly tilled and farmed by the inhabitants of Taraho, but the body of it is wild, and a favorite location for the more docile of Ayr's creatures to make their home.

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No New Posts Slopes of Yellow Dawn

Battered on one side by ceaseless, sharp northerly winds and buffered on the other, the Slopes of Yellow Dawn are a juxtapose of harsh grey rock and rolling yellow fields which sweep down its southern side. Located in the belly of Ayr, sandwiched between the northern and southern tips, the slopes are the foundation upon which Taraho village rests, and the north-end shield which guards the cradle from constant assault.

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No New Posts Lake Irae

A day's ride inland from Ayr's eastern coast and two day's south of the village Taraho, Lake Irae is famed for its vibrantly blue waters and scenic atmosphere, sporting another rare show of greenery around its immediate edge. While beautiful, the crystalline and pure nature of the water is partially thanks to the fact that it is a favorite nesting ground and swimming area for peisio dragons, particularly along its southern bank. So, although the water is absolutely clean, travelers looking to bathe ought best be on their guard and steer clear of the nesting grounds unless looking for trouble.

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No New Posts Everwinter Plateau

In the northernmost peaks of Ayr, at the highest reaches of climbing rocks - should anyone dare to venture that high - is a section of flat reaches of rock, enveloped in unusually prolific greenery, from gangly trees to green grasses and wildflowers. All of it is all but perpetually shrouded in mists, as though a spell were cast long ago upon the place to hold the winds at bay and allow fogs to roll over it. While beautiful, in its own way, there is the ever-present danger of walking off a solid stretch of grass and stepping into fog with only the illusion that there will be something below to catch your weight. For this reason, as well as the wild and mysterious nature of the creatures who make their homes in its reaches, the Everwinter Plateau is as perilous as it is lovely, and a point of note for those bold enough to seek it out.

Sub-boards: The Misty Inn, Siren's Field, The Pocket Caves, Winter Peak

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No New Posts Ruins of Nordaran

In the southern half of Ayr's stretched shape and tucked deep amidst the rocks is a chilly clearing, surrounded by weather-hardened, stubborn evergreens which shelter the ruins of a what once was a great fortress. The exact history of the structure is unknown, and now it waits, nothing but beaten down bricks - a shadow of its former self - though it still manages to attract many mysteries, inviting many a wayward adventurer to seek out its grounds and explore the surrounding area.

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No New Posts The Great Rocks

The Great Rocks are found all throughout the land of Ayr and are home to thousands of ayrala dragons. They find their specific rock and lay claim to it and build up their own little families and clans. ayrala aren't generally loners, and the rocks are their own individual houses on Ayr. Sometimes up to ten ayrala dragons can live on one rock.

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No New Posts The Wailing Peaks

Located on Ayr's southernmost tip, the jutting spires known collectively as the 'wailing peaks' are the tallest of all the great rocks on Ayr, with some legends reporting that they 'climb infinitely into the heavens, and break into the realm of gods.' This is, of course, only myth, and the sharp spires are inhabited by the oldest and most enduring of ayrala dragons. Wind speeds between the peaks at their tops are at near-permanent hurricane force range, and can be climbed by virtually no one but ayrala themselves. The song of the wind between the spires is oft likened to the distant moaning of a pining lover, eerie, and without stop.

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No New Posts The Crack

The 'crack' runs from east to west, starting on Ayr's eastern coast near the fault line between two towering spires of rock formations, and stretching for miles inland. It is a deep gully, often a 'playground' for those capable of teasing the winds that whisk through it, and a major physical obstacle for those without the means to travel over it easily. Several small bridges have been created for the ease of the few travelers that do make it out to Ayr, but no large bridge has ever sustained the might of Ayr's winds and rock slides for long.

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No New Posts Taron's Pass, the Smuggler's Nook

Located near to the south end of Ayr's west coast, Taron's Pass is named for the infamous dovaa smuggler, Taron Ysildar, who turned the inconspicuous watery cavern — invisible from the outside — into his own personal storage space in between routes, for safekeeping. Since its discovery and his passing, several centuries prior, the pass, nicknamed the 'Smuggler's Nook', has been long since abandoned. Rumors circulate, though, saying that the cove is still utilized on occasion by the passing smuggler desperate for somewhere to hide their stash. As such, older children native to Ayr, or passing travelers, curious about the cove's origins, often travel through on the whimsical hope of finding hidden abandoned treasure, or adventure. Largely to no avail.

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